What is Movement System Media?

Movement System Media is a Digital Media service provider for 

Movement Science Professionals in Columbus, OH.

Movement System Media

Step 1:

We listen to your ideas.

Step 2:

We turn your ideas into an organized content strategy. 

Step 3:

We create and share your content to help  you reach your audience!




Make your website look more professional with personalized photos and videos.

Social Media Content


Your patients are on Facebook and Instagram looking for you! Draw them in with consistent, professional posts and ads. 

Create Digital Products


You, Yes YOU can have a digital product for sale on your website next week! We take your ideas (post-partum course, back pain course, how to squat video series, etc) and work with you from start to finish!

Promote an Event


Doing a workshop?

We can communicate the experience to your potential attendees through media. 

Create an Exercise Database


We can help you create a database of exercises to send to patients!


Matt and Katie are so talented. They met with me prior to scheduling a session to film videos and discussed what I was looking for, how I wanted the videos, etc. to make sure everything was transparent! They were accommodating to both my schedule and my needs for filming the videos. The videos are professional, high quality, and easy to watch and understand the main things to focus on during the exercise shown. Matt and Katie were amazing to work with and made the whole process seamless and enjoyable! -Dr. Kaitlin Hartley, PT, DPT

Matt and Katie are awesome. As a business owner, I know how important it it to put out consistent, high quality content on social media to keep your ideal clients engaged with your brand. However, I don't have the time or the skills to consistently produce this content myself. I was struggling with consistently putting out content, and alwauys stressed about it. Since deciding to work with Matt and Katie, it's been so much easier to stay consistent and produce great content. They met with me to discuss my goals for my business and helped me put together a strategy and a plan to get there, which has helped in keeping me accountable. Working with them has helped me to grow my social media presence quickly and it's continuing to grow with continued work with them. If you're looking for help with your social media content strategy, producing videos, editing, or whatever, I highly encourage you to reach out to Matt and Katie. They're both very talented and are eager to help you grow your business! - Matt Longfellow PT, DPT, SCS

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